Chloe Bayfield

Chloe Bayfield

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Can You Handle The Truth?

December 31, 2015 1 Comment

truth-and-BibleI have one New Year’s resolution. To tell the truth.  Simple right? Actually I’m really quite scared… Maybe I should say to speak my truth, not the truth.  Because I don’t know the truth as you see it, or as men see it, or as people called Betty see it. Do we confuse truth with facts?  I could spend a year feeding you facts, but you’d probably get bored fast, especially as I’m not great with details.

So this year I will not lie, omit, hedge, dodge, spin or bullshit. Why? Because I’m not sure I know how to tell myself the truth any more. I have a natural ability to spin information into a pleasing shape.  Whilst this can come in, very, handy it can also be limiting. 2016 will be the year I rediscover my truth. I’m not interested in seeking out other people to tell them what I think their truth is, live and let live.

Let’s see where it takes us shall we?  Will my life be better for the change? Will I alienate everybody?!…..